Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Day

Happy New Year 2007! I hope you all had a good new years like we did. On New Years Eve, Julie and I were invited to a party at the Freheit Country Store. They roasted two pigs. It was a troubling experience for Julie, but I thought it was fun to visualize what we were eating. I guess her boys are less evolved than her... Speaking of the dogs, when we returned home about 10:30, Laz was hiding in our closet because local doofs were shooting off fireworks. He calmed down a lot when we got home and even was willing to sleep in his bed. All his pals in the neighborhood were barking and wailing. I hope the lamos appreciated their crappy cherry bombs.
On New Years day, Laz and I started a new tradition of going swimming in the Comal River. The air temperature was about 50 degrees and the water was probably about 60 because we went in near the springs. Laz absolutely loved it and Mosi even waded in a few times. Once again, ol' party pooptress did not come in, but she did take Mosi over to some people at the park to meet. Then, we went home and got to see USC win the Rose Bowl over crummy Michigan. The Trojans did not play their best game, but Michigan was clearly overrated as usual and the win was fairly easy. I have talked to the pack and these are our New Year Resolutions.

Julie-- To be more patient with Moses
Lazarus-- To be more patient with Moses
Moses-- To work dilligently with training and be more obedient
Kevin-- To be more patient with Moses

Happy New Year!


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