Monday, January 08, 2007

Found Newey's home

I thought we might be stuck with him for a while, but thanks to Jack's Mom we found Newey's home on Saturday. His name is Chocolate and he lived up the hill from us and was not very far from his home. While he and Moses got along pretty well, I did not like him very much because he was intimidated by my size and strength. I had to use my tough-guy bark a few times to get him to back down.
While we did find his home, he showed up at our house last night at about 4 AM. I think most of the neighborhood heard me and Moses barking. We let him sleep on the porch, and Mom took him back home this morning. I guess he liked hanging out with our pack.
In other news, we had a great day last Friday when we hiked Panther Canyon and went swimming in Landa Park. I had so much fun. I also had a lot of fun playing basketball with Dad yesterday afternoon. I have been working hard to control my rebounds and keep them in the court rather than knocking them down the hill and chasing them. Mom even played a bit, but she doesn't jump as high as me or Mosi. Well, that's about it for me.

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