Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Taking down two trees

On Labor Day, I helped Dad cut down two Juniper trees in our front yard. It was not as hot as it has been, and I felt pretty good. Dad had a loud knife-like apparatus that he used to slice through the trees and then they fell. It was my job to help clear the brush and move the sticks away from the yard. Moses helped a little too, but he mostly just got in my way and posed for pictures. Mom mostly took pictures, but she did use the knife a bit and helped me clear the brush. We saved the good wood and will use it later this winter to have fires in the backyard like we used to have with Kelly, Kristi, Milo, and Moli in North Dakota. The other good thing from cutting down the trees were that a lot of my friends in the neighborhood waved and saw me working!

Play hard and sleep hard,


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