Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dog Show

On Sunday, Dad and I did something fun. We participated in the San Antonio Handlers Association Fun Match in New Braunfels. I got to meet a lot of dogs and hung out with Dad a lot. We spent a lot of time waiting around, and a little time prancing around a tennis court? Some lady looked at my teeth, rubbed my back, and touched my hind areas inappropriately. After that, she handed us a brown ribbon that Mom, Dad, and Uncle Phil were happy about. With the ribbon came a bag of biscuits that were almost as good as the Drury Inn's biscuits and gravy. After reflecting on the morning, I believe my finest qualities were my wonderful walking and standing skills along with my beautiful and active nub (docked tail).
Laz came along for moral support, but left midway through because of his aversion to amplified voices. (I think he was a bit offended that he couldn't participate because he is altered.) He'd rather be swimming or lounging anyway.

Auf Wiedersehen,


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