Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Darla Gets Adopted!

We are happy to announce that our latest foster GSP, Darla was adopted by her new family last night. Darla and four of her friends were flown to Texas from South Dakota where they were part of a terrible puppy mill. She is the first of the South Dakota Puppy Mill dogs that came to Texas to be adopted. So, 9 months ago she was suffering in a puppy mill. The mill was raided by the Humane Society and the dogs were put in temporary shelter. There were 172 GSPs and 90 more were born over the course of the trial. 10 days ago, Darla flew in a private plane with Pilots and Paws, a group of pilots that transports dogs in need, to Dallas and drove to Waco where she spent the night. The next morning she arrived in San Marcos with 4 of her sisters. This past Friday, she got spayed and Monday, adopted... I'd say that's quite an improvement. Dooncha think? You betcha! (in Dakotan Accent)

The last picture is a picture of her with her new family!

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