Thursday, February 04, 2010

Good Doggies! but Magellan is still a PUPPY!

Hey, Laz here. It's been a crazy time as we have included Faye into our pack. She is about 9 years old and up for adoption through the GSP Rescue of Texas. I even went with her to an adoption event in Austin! Anyway, when another dog is introduced to the household, it is crazy. Moses was trying to establish dominance over Faye, I had to establish my dominance over Magellan, and Moses and Faye don't even consider challenging me. Anyway, with all this going on, Moses and Magellan have been playing rough and being silly. Here is a picture of their hi-jinx one night. Magellan decided to get into the gift wrap box?? I just stay out of it.

Dad and Mom have a strategy to use this transition period to bolster our training and obedience. Faye and I really like it for the treats while Magelli and Mosi like the brain stimulation and enrichment.

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