Monday, April 06, 2009

UMBC 2009 National Chess Champions!

Most days go without me thinking about my undergraduate university much. I lived at home and did not have a "college experience" like many of my peers. I did get a very good education at the University of Maryland Baltimore County which is an honors University in Maryland. They usually have a good lacrosse team, but during my four years there, even lacrosse was down. However, this year is different. We made the final four in Chess held in Dallas and took home the championship! I would never have known unless my friend Ross had seen a perplexing article about the UT-Brownsville chess team (which was vanquished in the final four) in the San Antonio newspaper. Once we found out about the tournament, we kept abreast of events through electronic means. He called once the final checkmate was documented, and I went outside to celebrate. I gathered my UMBC alumni rock from the front yard, displayed it more prominently, and despite horrible allergies and the lack of a stencil or protractor, I painted a new sign commemorating the big victory for the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers! Here is a photo of the sign, the rock, and a yellow rose in the front of our property.



Julie said...

Go Retrievers! I'll bet True Grit, and Gritty are excited!

Anonymous said...

Who was the team's MVP? Brad