Thursday, September 04, 2008

Our Famous Football Picks

We are specifically doing this late this year so as to not throw-off the betting lines in Vegas...

AFC East
Julie: New England, Miami (Wild card), New York, Buffalo
Kevin: New England, New York (Wild Card), Buffalo, Miami

AFC North
Julie: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Baltimore
Kevin: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Baltimore

AFC South
Julie: Tennessee, Indianapolis (Wild Card), Jacksonville, Houston
Kevin: Jacksonville, Indianapolis (Wild Card), Houston, Tennesseee

AFC West
Julie: San Diego, Kansas City, Oakland, Denver
Kevin: San Diego, Denver, Oakland, Kansas City

NFC East
Julie: Dallas, Washington (Wild Card), New York, Philadelphia
Kevin: Dallas, Philadelphia (Wild Card), New York, Washington

NFC North
Julie: Minnesota, Chicago, Green Bay, Detroit
Kevin: Minnesota, Detroit, Green Bay, Chicago

NFC South
Julie: Atlanta, New Orleans (Wild Card), Tampa Bay, Carolina
Kevin: New Orleans, Carolina (Wild Card), Tampa Bay, Atlanta

NFC West
Julie: Seattle, Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco
Kevin: Seattle, Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco

Julie: San Diego over Dallas
Kevin: Dallas over Jacksonville


Julie said...


Kevin said...

Julie won again this year. It was basically her Miami pick along with my boner Detroit pick that helped her win.