Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Highlights from Galilee

The first third of our trip was spent in Galilee with accommodations in Nazareth and Ramot. This was an incredible part of the trip. Just about everywhere you would look across the horizon, there was some place where Jesus had done some teaching or healing. The first picture shows the location that is believed to be the place of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). At this spot, I was overwhelmed with fullness from the Holy Spirit. The Sea of Galilee is in the background, and on the stone are numerous markings from Christian Pilgrims from the Byzantine, Crusades, and other periods over the last 2000 years.

The second photo is the location where Jesus appears to Peter, Thomas, and Nathaniel and cooks them breakfast and tells Peter that he is the rock that he will build the church upon (John 21:1-25). In the background is a Franciscan Church dedicated to this event. I chose to highlight these two locations in this blog because they are sites and locations Jesus appeared after the resurrection! While it is not difficult to prove that Jesus from Nazareth existed through historical writings, the important thing for believers is to understand the power of the resurrection and believe that he was God and man.

The third photo shows the ruins of Herod the Great's palace in Caesarea. While Herod is not held in esteem by the scriptures, this is an important spot in early Christian history because this is the sea port the Apostle Paul used on his 1st and 3rd missionary journey throughout the Mediterranean Sea region. He was also imprisoned for a time in Caesarea and likely formed and wrote some of his letters from this location. For those of you who know me well, it should be of no surprise that I went swimming in these waters while the group looked at some amphitheater ruins. The only thing missing was Lazie!

There were many other incredible and important locales we visited in Galilee and even into the Golan Heights, but these were some of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy this reading and that you may come closer to Christ in your daily walk.



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Madison said...

that trip sounds amazing! I am very envious!