Monday, December 03, 2007

College Gameday in San Antonio

ESPN's tv show, College Gameday, did a live broadcast from in front of the Alamo on Saturday because the Big 12 Championship was played in San Antonio. Julie and I decided to go and be part of the crowd. USC was playing their rival (UCLA) that day so we made signs and wore our USC gear to cheer them on. We were not the only non-Big 12 fans there as some Ohio State people were near us too. It was a lot of fun, and we got on TV during the segment where they discussed the USC game. Nobody has claimed to have seen us on TV yet, but the photos are screen shots from our TV as we recorded the broadcast to see ourselves. We also enjoyed seeing USC win their game and advance to the Rose Bowl.

As for the BCS... It once again screwed over the Pac 10 as only USC made a BCS bowl. This hurts their revenue, and the match-ups are very disappointing. They basically did a wasted vote type of gerrymandering by putting teams that have a legitimate gripe about being better than LSU (USC, Okla, Ga, Va Tech) in crummy match-ups versus underwhelming opponents rather than having them play each other. Not to say the underwhelming opponents may not win their games, it just shows the gutless nature of the BCS!


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