Monday, October 22, 2007

Hotel Visits and Family

While visiting Oklahoma City, we all got to stay in this great place with a bunch of rooms. The most exciting part is that to get to our room, we rode a much smaller room that moved up and down. I couldn't figure it out at first, because it felt like the floor was pushing up on my paws. After a few rides though I became an expert. Moses liked it too. Mom says it is good for us to ride this thing because we might get to ride them when we go visit people at hospitals. I also really enjoyed snuggling with Dad.

One night we went to visit our cousins Teresa, Kelly, Hermainie and Zippy. I got to go in the house and lay on the couch. There were also a few new toys to play with. The best part was the wonderful meatball Teresa gave me. Moses put his nose up to the meatball holder and that was enough to score us one! Yum Yum. I loved playing with Kelly and Teresa. They are great!

Your pal, Laz

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