Monday, September 10, 2007

Doggie Dip Day II (Laz)

This past weekend, we got to go swimming at the Landa Park pool again for Doggie Dip Day. It is a spring fed pool so our hair does not clog up the filter, but the dogs are only allowed in the pool at the beginning and end of the swimming season. The party started at Noon on Saturday, but we got there at 11:50. I was the first dog in the pool. I loved swimming around and I played for the full 3 hours. I was in the water for the whole time except to tinkle and I pooped once. Dad played with me a lot and we played tennis ball fetch. I was clearly the best swimmer there and wowed a lot of people with my ability to carry two balls in my mouth. I just love water sports! The weather was good for the event as well.

Your pal,


PS> The next day, I got to go to Sunday school and hang out with the Junior and Senior High class. I was so excited that I was not really able to calm down too much, but I did get a donut from Pastor Karen! Moses got one too!

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