Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our Cousin Mercedes!

We would like to introduce our cousin Mercedes to everyone. She lives in South Dakota, sorta near North Dakota where we are from (Moses was actually born in Minnesota).

"Cedes" lives with her humans Sandy and Doug, whom we have never met, but they are welcome to visit any time. Cedes is German like Moses and would like visiting New Braunfels, where we live now, because they have a sausage fest. The mascot for Schlitterbahn, the water park, is also a Dachshund!

We are jealous of Cedes right now because it is so hot here in Texas. Luckily we get to go to the river again now that all the rain has stopped. We can only play ball outside for a few minutes at a time, and we walk in the morning before the pavement gets too hot! Also, we think we'd really enjoy riding in that fun car. We wouldn't have to hang our heads out the window to get all the air!

Well, we hope you enjoy the pictures of Sandy and Cedes.

Laz and Mos

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