Monday, July 23, 2007

Beachgoing and rain, rain, rain

On Friday, we went to the Gulf of Mexico at the Padre Island National Seashore. I loved it! It was a long stretch of beach where I was able to run and chase birds all day. The ranger even gave me and Laz a treat when we got there. We drove down in the morning, and were able to go to a pretty secluded place because we had a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I even learned how to leap over the waves. While the beach was great, we came home that evening to find our area not like the way we left it. It rained all day in New Braunfels (not a drop at the beach) and we had to take 2 detours to get home because of flooding. We got about 9 inches of rain on Friday and it made our stream in the backyard flow! The water was cool on my paws, but we had no damage to the house and had no water in the house, garage, or shed. I got a little sick driving home from the beach, but I am getting better. I just got a cold, but my appetite is returning and I am sneezing less. I am hoping to play with my pal Gunner tonight.


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