Monday, June 04, 2007

Surf Kayaking

I got to try out surf kayaking. Our friend from USC, Blaine Jones, was actually ranked as a surf kayaker at one time, so we wanted to try it. The photos show me in the single kayak, but we did go out a couple of times in a double with Julie in front. The only time we tipped while surfing was when I was calling to paddle on the left side of the vessel and Julie was paddling hard on the right side. I yelled, "Left, Left, OTHER LEFT" but by the time Julie realized her error we were capsized. All in all, we did really well and took some four to five foot waves. We also went sailing twice in a Hobie cat. The first time it was really windy and choppy. Julie got more salt water in her face than she wanted. It was just so nice to be active in the water. We miss the Pacific Ocean. The rivers are great, but it is not a workout like battling the waves.


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