Monday, June 18, 2007


Kevin and I visited Colorado this past weekend to see my parents. We had a good time, and Grandpa came down on Friday night. We had lots of good meals and fun activities. These pictures are of the Rockies Game at Coors Field in Denver. The Rockies won 11-2 and we all got a free T-shirt when we entered the game. The T-shirt was a jersey T of Hawpe, and he hit a homerun!

Laz and Mos stayed at Camp Bow Wow and had a good time. When we picked them up, Moses jumped over the counter, pushed open the door, jumped into the open window of the car and looked at us as if to say "Lets Go!" The workers said they loved Lazie and Moses so I think they were well taken care of. We need to work on Moses not spilling his food all over!


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