Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Recent activities

Dad and Mom have been busy lately as you can see from the lack of recent postings. Mom spent a lot of time filling in little circles last night that she kept calling an answer sheet. Her students are taking their midterm exam right now. I don't know what that is, but it has something to do with a blood bath and a curve? Dad left last night with his bone that he never chews and sounds funny (I think it's called a Guitar) and was gone for a little over an hour. It smelled like he had been to San Marcos, and when he came home, he played something called a 12 bar blues. I really liked it. Last night he smelled similar to Sunday afternoon after he and Mom went to see the Patio Boys band at Cheatham Street Warehouse. I guess Dad's guitar teacher plays in that band and is the one in the Red Hawaiian shirt. Anyway, I have enjoyed the warm days and cool nights lately-- a lot of outside play in the sun and snuggling in bed at night. I got to hang out with them on Saturday as they did some yard work. They are so proud of those silly painted rocks that represent institutions of higher learning that we have attended or taught at. At least our Daria's Place was included, but I guess one school is missing? Can anyone figure out which is missing? Well, I better get a good daily nap today because there is a rumor that we are going to the river tonight!


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