Thursday, January 18, 2007

My visit with Sarah and Gary

What a great week! We had guests, and that is always fun. Sarah and Gary were here visitng while the Ice Storm happened. They almost got stuck in Dallas on Friday night, but they got a rental car and drove to our house and got in early Saturday morning. They were supposed to leave on Tuesday, but no flights were getting into San Antonio ( or most of Texas) and they stayed until Thursday. I got to snuggle a lot with Sarah while the humans watched TV and movies. The ice was kind of funky, but as the picture shows, it did not slow me down at all. I got to show off some of my new tricks and my immense skillz-- like barking and chasing deer, barking at people walking by, and jumping on people. They all cheered for me while I was doing it yelling my name! A couple of times Mom rolled me though? That was mainly when I was being really wild or trying to get into the sweet rolls or the cobbler our neighbor June made for us-- the scraps of that were soooooo good!
Please remember my party and birthday on Jan 27!


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