Thursday, September 28, 2006

Working Hard

Since I took a lot of time off last week putting in the yard, I am catching up with work that was put on the back burner. I am preparing for a conference in Oklahoma next month, and today I am working on a research enhancement proposal to fund my research on community engagement and the role of housing landscapes on sense of place. It will be nice to get back into researching urbanization issues instead of methamphetamine abuse in North Dakota. Anyway, here is a recent photo Julie took of my in my office at Texas State. The office is not as nice as Ireland Hall, but it is fine for me. The boys are thoroughly enjoying having the Sarah and Gary as houseguests as they search for housing in the San Antonio area.


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kristenmack said...

Hey Kevin! Nice to see you in your office. I think about you two all the time as I get closer to becoming a part of ASU...hopefully next year sometime. I am starting to get mail from them and that excites me. You are such an inspiration for me. We were just watching highlights to the Oregon vs. ASU game and I had to write. Yeah Julie!!!!